Egg We Salute You Tortilla Egg Bake

Today I’d like to pay tribute to the egg.  Often overlooked and previously maligned, it has overcome its humble beginnings and surpassed its bad reputation to earn a place in the food spotlight. Continue reading

Magical Slow Cooker Pork And Pinto Bean Nachos

Who still has their Christmas tree up?  (Raises hand.)  The ornaments are off of ours, but it still sits in the den, crispy and deep-fried from the dry heat.  Looking more like something from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Scary.

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Parlez Vous Anglais? Oven-Roasted Figs

oven-roasted figs

In David Lebovitz’s book, The Sweet Life in Paris: Delicious Adventures in the World’s Most Glorious – and Perplexing – City, Lebovitz treats us to his gift of sarcastic wit while exploring the city’s ironic and perplexing customs.  Along the way, he shares some of his favorite recipes created and enjoyed there.  This month a few fellow food bloggers and I, as a part of  The Kitchen Reader, read The Sweet Life in Paris so we could share our opinion of the book with our readers and each other.  Here are my thoughts.

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