Better Than Fast Food English Muffin Egg Sandwich

egg muffin

I have to admit that even though I am an avid home cook and baker, I still carry a soft spot in my heart for fast food.  Of course I couldn’t eat it every day, but I do occasionally indulge my soft spot with a Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich, a Whopper Jr. with cheese, or my very favorite – McDonald’s french fries.

And how could you look at that picture and not think of McDonald’s (love their hash browns, too).  Luckily, this version of an Egg McMuffin is easy to make at home and tastes even better, especially after making my own English Muffins.

Here’s the real trick, though:  Egg Fry Rings from Williams-Sonoma.  In order to get that thick round of fried egg just the perfect size for an English Muffin, these are the answer.  Here’s what you do:  Spray the insides of the rings and a non-stick skillet with cooking spray (VERY important).  Place the ring in the skillet and crack an egg into it (you can also add a tiny pat of butter before putting in the egg if you like).  Cook to your liking on one side, then remove the ring by sliding a knife around the edges and flip the egg.  Then just toss a piece of Canadian bacon in the pan while your egg finishes cooking to brown it on each side.  Toast the English Muffin if you care to, and then fill with the meat, egg, and your  favorite cheese and voila, you’ve got an awesome homemade English Muffin Egg Sandwich.

egg muffin 2

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5 thoughts on “Better Than Fast Food English Muffin Egg Sandwich

  1. OK. SO, after seeing your post on the English Muffins, I reserved a copy of Reinhart’s book…and I picked it up today.:) Thank you for the inspiration to try new things in the kitchen.:)

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