It’s An Addiction Artos Bread

bba artos slice

There’s something very addictive about bread baking.  When the bread starts rising and getting all yeasty smelling it’s like magic.  And the flavor…well nothing compares to the flavor of just baked bread.  After succeeding in baking a loaf or two, you just can’t stop.

And the more bread you bake, the better you get at it.  You get used to how it should sound slapping the sides of the mixer, how it should feel once it’s been kneaded enough, and when it has risen up to where it should be.

Baking from Peter Reinhart’s The Bread Baker’s Apprentice makes this possible, because of the detailed instructions and tips for making your best bread ever.  A perfect example is the Greek Celebration Bread called Artos.  This type of bread is enriched with milk and egg, and also honey and olive oil.  Then spices are added to give it a warm flavor.

Depending on the type of celebration you’re having, dried fruits and nuts are added.  I used the Christopsomos version of the recipe, which contains golden raisins, dried figs, and walnuts.  When baked, the bread rises even more and becomes a sweet and spicy fruit and nut loaf.

Especially perfect for the fall and winter season, there are endless possibilities for variations of this bread.  Feed your addiction.


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