Barefoot Bloggers Tuna Salad Ina Style

BB Tuna Salad

HELP!!  I’m drowning in parent-of-school-age-children-end-of-the-year–hectic-ness!  Field trips, dance recitals, baseball games, school carnivals….STOP!  I need to come up for air!

I’m always so glad to see the end of the school year, not just because I’ll no longer have to get up at the crack of dawn to rouse children that are dead to the world, but also because after the stressful month of May I just need to decompress.

There has still been some cooking and baking going on at my house, but not much time to squeeze in a post about it.  In the few minutes I have this morning before my Thursday takes off like a shot and runs at full speed until 9 tonight, I had to share this month’s first Barefoot Bloggers recipe, Tuna Salad, chosen by Kate of Warm Olives and Cool Cocktails.

In true Ina Garten style, her recipe doesn’t use plain ol’ canned tuna, but fresh tuna steaks, seared to perfection and mixed with an asian-style soy and lime dressing kicked up with wasabi and hot sauce.  Avocado, red and green onion add color, texture and super flavor to this “not your mama’s” tuna salad.

This dish made perfect sense for this hectic month.  The tuna is so easy and delicious simply seared in olive oil with some salt and pepper (I like to oil and s & p my tuna, then let it sit for about 15 minutes before cooking).  I cooked the tuna steaks one night and served them with roasted broccoli and couscous, and then used the leftovers to make the salad for lunch the next day on a bed of baby spinach.

The dressing was very fresh and a little spicy, and was delicious with the tuna and avocado.  I might even add a little more wasabi powder next time, just for fun.

You can get the recipe for this Tuna Salad here, just don’t let the name fool ya.  This is Ina style.

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8 thoughts on “Barefoot Bloggers Tuna Salad Ina Style

  1. I hear you on the end of the school year insanity – it is about to kill me. I think that May is the new December? In any event, the tuna salad looks wonderful – I missed this one, but will have to go back and try it!

  2. i have to agree i was a little indifferent when i saw the title of the recipe but it’s nothing like the can of tuna+mayo tuna salad that i’m used to. great job! even more impressive with everything you have going on

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