Tuesdays With Dorie Four Star Chocolate Bread Pudding


Okay, tell me you know what I’m talking about.  That look when the cashier who’s checking your groceries picks up some unusual item you’re buying and reads the label – MEXICAN DRINKING CHOCOLATE – raises their eyebrows, and gives a little shrug.  Sometimes they might even say, “What is this?”.  “A citrus reamer”, you answer sheepishly.  Yes, I’m thinking, I know it’s beyond your comprehension why someone might need two popover pans, but I do!

I’ve been tempted to mail order all my funky grocery items to avoid the scrutiny.  But maybe it’s just my imagination.  I didn’t have to buy anything too funky for this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe, chosen by Lauren of A BAKING BLOG (aka upper east side chronicle).  I actually made my own brioche, which I used to make some French Toast for breakfast this weekend, and to make this Four Star Chocolate Bread Pudding.

Bread pudding is one of those things I really like, but rarely make at home.  This version was fairly quick to put together and you don’t have to refrigerate it overnight before baking like most bread puddings, it only has to sit for 30 minutes.  I made a half recipe and used ramekins to make individual servings.  No one could eat a whole one, though.  I didn’t add the dried cherries, I just got in a hurry and forgot, but I think they would be fabulous in this and I will definitely add them next time.

Everyone at my dinner table enjoyed this, but I think I liked it more than anyone, what with bread being the main ingredient.  This was a fun and delicious variation of bread pudding that I would make again.  For the recipe, click on Lauren’s link above.

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10 thoughts on “Tuesdays With Dorie Four Star Chocolate Bread Pudding

  1. Yours looks beautiful! I think I enjoyed it most in my house as well. So funny about the checkout line scrutiny – what’s up with that, anyway? I find it most amusing when the cashier seems baffled by something I think of as pretty mainstream, like an avocado.

  2. Looks fabulous, nice to hear that you and your family enjoyed it. I totally understand the need for multiple pans and have also endured scrutiny when purchasing kitchen items.

  3. That looks sooooo yummy!!!! You can always tell the bakers from the non bakers when you check out at Wally World or other places. Whether you get an odd look or not…

  4. I endure the same thing too. I buy a daikon almost everytime I go to the store and no one ever knows what it is. Sometimes they ask, and sometimes they ring it up as parsnips, which are usually cheaper. This is my fist visit to your blog and I love how it is divided into the three sections. I need to learn how to do something similar, because most of my blogging is about 1) baking 2) caring for a grandma with Alzheimer’s or 3)bar tending in a strip club; very disjointed ideas. I have thought about trying to make my blog called something like Bakin’ and Legs, but would rather separate the three aspects. Also, your bread pudding looks great!

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