Tuesdays With Dorie Banana Cream Pie


Ever since my daughter could express herself, she has been an animal lover.  She used to stop people walking by our house with their dogs and ask if she could pet them.  Her book choices at the library always include at least one animal book.  Horses, whales, hedgehogs, naked mole rats – you name it, she wants it as a pet.

But she can’t stand monkeys.  I don’t even know when her dislike for monkeys started, but the first time we went to the zoo she told me in no uncertain terms that she did not want to see the monkeys.  “You know I hate monkeys, Mommy,” she said.  I do??  Monkeys have been very popular on kid’s clothes lately, and she was completely freaked out by this.  At her school one of the third grade teachers had decorated her room with all kinds of fun monkey stuff.  It would have been very traumatic if she had turned out to be my daughter’s teacher.

This might be the reason she doesn’t eat bananas.  But she does like banana pudding, so I could convince her to try this Banana Cream Pie made for this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie choice from Amy of Sing for Your Supper.  I’ve made lots of banana puddings in my time, but never a banana cream pie.  I was excited to try something new, and excited to be using up some of the bananas I bought that were about to cross over to the dark side.

When I made the pie crust and put it in the pan, there were some places around the edge that kind of separated, so I patched them with a little extra dough.  After I baked it, though, those places had separated again and ended up leaving holes around the edge of the crust.  It was very strange, and I thought I had made this crust recipe before with success, but maybe I was wrong.  I’ll try again, I’m sure.

The custard came together and thickened quickly, before even coming to a boil.  I did add a little more sour cream to the topping, to give it a little more tang.  And once I put the pie together, it was very tasty and the family all enjoyed it.  Being a little less traditional banana cream pie with the brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg, I think it would be hard to compare to the traditional recipe, but is good in its own right.  I didn’t hear any raves while they were eating it, so I don’t think my family would beg me to make this again, and I personally prefer a good ol’ banana pudding.  If you’re a big fan of banana cream pie, though, this is a fun twist on it that you should definitely make!

If you want to give this a try yourself, you can check out the recipe here.

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17 thoughts on “Tuesdays With Dorie Banana Cream Pie

  1. What a great story. Kids are so funny. I will rave for your family. Your pie looks amazing. Picture perfect. I love the great use of light. Your blog is just wonderfully set up!!!

  2. That pie looks perfect. And I’m with your daughter – I used to think monkeys were cute until I actually met them running all over the temples in India. They are nasty creatures.

  3. Oh, your pie looks so beautiful…that crust, the topping, and ooh, la la, the inside of that pie is the best I have seen! Gorgeous…great job! Fun post reading about the monkey, etc.

  4. Phew — glad you were able to pull this off without stirring up any monkey thoughts! 🙂 Kids are just so fun. I can see how monkeys could be a little scary. I had some trouble with the crust as well, and I’ve also made it successfully before. I think I am ready to give some other crust recipes a try! I think your pie looks beautiful!

  5. Sad your daughter doesn’t like monkey OR bananas. I love both. My dream in life is to hold a little baby chimpanzee. They’re so stinkin’ cute. Anyway, I love ALL things banana. The pie was great. I thought I liked Dorie’s pie recipe, too, but I realized the one I liked so much and worked so well was the tart dough that has cream cheese in it. I’ll probably stick to my go-to pie crust recipe.
    Your pie looks great to me and your crust, too! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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