Throw Away The Key Grilled Burritos

grilled burrito

I laughed so hard when I saw this…I had to rewind and watch it about 6 more times:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Then I had to go find it on YouTube so I could see it again.  “The sprinkler – bring it back around.”  Too funny.

Here’s a fun recipe from Southern Living magazine that you can make for lunch or dinner (or breakfast if you want, even) – the Grilled Burrito.  I guess it’s kind of a burrito/quesadilla fusion, and you can definitely customize it to your liking, for example, I substituted peppers and onions for the corn.  You can cook it any way that works for you, too –  in a grill pan, skillet, outdoor grill or panini press, as I did.

“Now lock it, throw away the key – throw it away.”

Skillet Grilled Burritos – click here for the original recipe from

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One thought on “Throw Away The Key Grilled Burritos

  1. This looks totally delicious, and what a great, simple weeknight meal. I am going to try this on the panini press like you did — great idea! LOVE the video — that JT is a cutup!

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