Barefoot Bloggers Cheese, Cheese And More Cheese

cheese platter

The summer my husband and I got married, we went on a trip to Paris.  I was in food heaven.  Crusty bread with every meal, wine all the time, and cheese, cheese, and more cheese.  At restaurants the waiters would come around with the cheese tray so you could pick which cheeses you wanted and they would just slice some onto your plate to eat with your crusty bread.  It was cheese bliss.

I’m no cheese snob, though.  I like it all – cheddar and pepper jack from a zipper bag, string cheese, American slices, and even Velveeta.  There’s a place and time for them all, I believe.  And the ones that tend to keep a little longer are what are usually in my fridge.

I wish I could have a fancy cheese tray at my house all the time (and a waiter to serve me), but since I’m the one doing most of the fancy cheese eating, I have to limit myself a little.  But I have an excuse to splurge today since the Barefoot Bloggers‘ bonus recipe this week is a Cheese Platter.  Mine includes (from left to right) Wisconsin Black Sheep Truffle Cheese, Saint Andre Triple Cream Cheese from France, and Port Wine Raw Cow’s Milk Blue Cheese.  All very different and all very delicious.

cheese platter 2

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